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¿Porque los chavitos no andan en Twitter?

julio 13, 2009

En Twitter mi cuate Hur de Corea, postea el link a un artículo que en parte dice :

“According to June, 2009 comScore numbers, 11.3% of visitors to in the U.S. are ages 12-17. Internationally, in May, 2009, only 4.4% of visitors were younger than 18. “

¿La razón que expresan los chavales? Que les parece inseguro comparado con Facebook.

“With Twitter, it’s the exact opposite. Anyone can follow your status updates. It’s a completely open network that makes teenagers feel “unsafe” about posting their content there, because who knows who will read it. Sure, you get emails notifying you when you have new followers, but that doesn’t compare to the level of detail you get when someone on Facebook adds you, and you get their information.” – “Why Teens Aren’t Using Twitter: It Doesn’t Feel Safe”, por Daniel Brusilovsky, en TechCrunch, julio 13 del 2009.

Y los comentarios – más de 150 – son muy interesantes al respecto. Dice James Stern:

“That is NOT why teens don’t use it. It is because teens don’t care about news, they want to talk to friends and see and comment on their pictures, and Myspace and facebook are better for that.”

Comenta Teresa Wu:

“… teens have put WAY more info out there on their blogs and MySpaces than is given away in just a bio/location.”

Dice Wisewinston:

” agree. Teens don’t care about news. That is why they don’t love Twitter. They are more interested in sharing stories / pictures with friends in their social network. Hence they’re more interested in Facebook.

Twitter is used, by those who understand it, as an RSS feed for news stories they are interested in. They are directed to interesting links, not by their friends, but by people with expertise in the particular fields that the user chooses to follow up. The twos services serve different functions and it’s no surprise that Facebook’s chief function appeals more to a teen audience.”

Y tu… ¿que opinas?

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