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Yanni: ευχαριστίες . gracias

enero 27, 2011

Thanks to you and your virtuoso musicians for coming to my city.
Thanks for the accurate diagnosis given almost initiating: we need to fill our souls, elevate the spirit and rest awhile from stress.
You said that you´ll come back.  Hopefully by then Monterrey will be as before: without shotings  shootings, grenades, violence.

Thank you. Again. The gift of music was perfect. The wait was worth it.


– Sarah O´Brien: you play great, and loved the bling on your earpiece when a closeup of you was shown on screen.
– Victor Espinola: who knew one could rock with a harp! Cool!!
-Samvel Yervinyan: wow!
-Gabriel Vivas: uf!! fregonada!

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  1. El Trollteca permalink
    enero 27, 2011 12:23 pm

    why the english? wanna show off you speak/write it? i mean, i am all for pretentiousness, but it seems awfully trite.

    oh, and “shotings” ? whatever the fuck is that?

    and yanni? really, you are gushing over yanni? pop classical for retards? for shame sir. get yourself some Shostakóvich or something…

    • enero 27, 2011 2:23 pm

      Why the English (capitalized)? ´cause I wanted to. Besides, languages are like bridges: you get to to meet more people and places.
      Do I want to show off? Nop, just felt like it.
      “Shotings” is a typo.
      I do not “gush” over Yanni. I express enthusiasm over the fact great musicians still feel like coming to Mty (despite all) to play their excellent music and make us forget the very hard times we live.
      Shostakóvich? Goes well with gray skies and olives.
      As for your trolling, you make me wish for you a whole afternoon listening to the Backstreet Boys. Enjoy sir. Good day!


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